Reflecting on my first year at university

Well what can I say about my first year of university. So much and so little has happened but it seems like such a whirlwind of a year that it is worth writing about. For those people who do not know I currently study at the University of Kent, Centre for Journalism. To get onContinue reading “Reflecting on my first year at university”

‘Joey Essex: Grief and Me’ – My thoughts

I recently watched Joey Essex’s new documentary ‘Grief and Me’ and I thought it was worth writing about because of the message that runs throughout the programme. For those people who do not know Joey Essex, he first entered the public eye in 2011 during the second season of The Only Way is Essex. ThisContinue reading “‘Joey Essex: Grief and Me’ – My thoughts”

‘Leigh-Anne Pinnock: Race, Pop & Power’ – My thoughts

In this blog I am going to be speaking about Leigh-Anne Pinnock’s new documentary “Race, Pop & Power”. The program is about the subject of racism but also touches on colourism and Leigh-Anne’s personal experience with this issue. Immediately when I read the synopsis for the documentary, I will admit that I did not knowContinue reading “‘Leigh-Anne Pinnock: Race, Pop & Power’ – My thoughts”

Looking back at my last show and looking forward to theatres opening once again

With life slowly returning to a sense of normality, following the easing of lockdown restrictions, I wanted to look back at my most recent time performing, as theatres prepare to open once again. I have always loved to perform, whether that is in a show or even just simply some roleplay. From a young ageContinue reading “Looking back at my last show and looking forward to theatres opening once again”

Celebrities silence body-shaming keyboard warriors

I want to talk about a topic which is extremely current, especially on online platforms like Instagram. Celebrities are countlessly shamed for their bodies, either when they post an image of them appearing toned and fit, or then a picture where they are caught in an unflattering angle. Society today is ruthless, and people cannotContinue reading “Celebrities silence body-shaming keyboard warriors”

Cleaning through the spread of a virus

In April 2020 I worked in Medway Hospital, cleaning some of the hospital facilities during Covid-19 times. Looking back at this experience after a year I thought I would share with you what this was like, as the idea of entering into the hospital even now is quite daunting for some people. I’m going toContinue reading “Cleaning through the spread of a virus”

Work anxiety? But not how you would imagine…

I think that when the typical person thinks about a university student you instantly think about heavy drinkers, smokers and people who love to party. Or there are those who cram for exams and pull all-nighters to finish assignments. The latter idea (leaving assignments until last minute) makes me instantly feel anxious. For some reasonContinue reading “Work anxiety? But not how you would imagine…”