Online interviews and graduate stress

For those students who are due to graduate from university they are no doubt nervous for the road ahead. After experiencing two years of learning from home they are expected to somehow go out into the world and look for graduate jobs. A lot of interviews are now conducted online also due to Covid-19 andContinue reading “Online interviews and graduate stress”

One price, two different university experiences

Students have officially been able to return to their campuses for in person teaching, but this has not come as good news to many struggling students, who have not set foot on campus all year. Many university students have been signing petitions to have money refunded for their lack of sufficient teaching during the Covid-19Continue reading “One price, two different university experiences”

Newfound appreciation for open university students

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the struggles for students attending university and how they have had to adapt to a new way of learning online from their homes. However, this method is an everyday occurrence for students who complete their degrees through the Open University. The Open University offers students flexible part-time study, where individualsContinue reading “Newfound appreciation for open university students”

‘Broadway dream’ flattened by student financial struggles

It is this time of year where performing arts students wait to hear responses from their chosen performing colleges. What most people do not know is that it is not just as simple as being accepted to your chosen course, but in fact there is a whole new level of stress over how this educationContinue reading “‘Broadway dream’ flattened by student financial struggles”

Mental health ‘hub’ announcement offers support for struggling parents

The process to open new mental health “hubs” is due to start in the coming months. The clinics will be for new, expecting or bereaved mothers. It is only in recent years that the lack of support for mothers experiencing mental health problems has been recognised. Only five years ago there were no maternal mentalContinue reading “Mental health ‘hub’ announcement offers support for struggling parents”

Terrible accident by tape measure

Images below contain graphic content of injury within the article A local scaffolder from Hoo in Kent, has been signed off from work for the last six weeks, after he was left unable to move his fingers, due to an accident with a tape measure. On Friday 29 January, Harry Sawyer, 20, was taken toContinue reading “Terrible accident by tape measure”

Sledging fun at closed Snow Sports Centre

Locals have entered Chatham Snow Sports Centre during the wintry weather, to sledge on the ski slope – despite it being closed due to the current lockdown. The centre, in Kent, was forced to close again on January, due to the national lockdown and latest government restrictions. However, the site’s closure has not discouraged peopleContinue reading “Sledging fun at closed Snow Sports Centre”

Nightmare for Dream Academy

Many local businesses have struggled during the Covid-19 pandemic. After overcoming the first lockdown they are now trying to climb a second hurdle with how they will return in December, after Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. One of these businesses is Dream Academy, a local performing arts school who are based in 11 locations across Kent.Continue reading “Nightmare for Dream Academy”