‘Broadway dream’ flattened by student financial struggles

It is this time of year where performing arts students wait to hear responses from their chosen performing colleges. What most people do not know is that it is not just as simple as being accepted to your chosen course, but in fact there is a whole new level of stress over how this educationContinue reading “‘Broadway dream’ flattened by student financial struggles”

Looking back at my last show and looking forward to theatres opening once again

With life slowly returning to a sense of normality, following the easing of lockdown restrictions, I wanted to look back at my most recent time performing, as theatres prepare to open once again. I have always loved to perform, whether that is in a show or even just simply some roleplay. From a young ageContinue reading “Looking back at my last show and looking forward to theatres opening once again”

Man on a mission: Plans to sail around the world after building his own boat

A local man from Chatham, Kent has built his own catamaran and plans to travel around the world in it. Forty-nine-year-old Steven Bailey is a plumber but has always had an interest in boats and water sports. He is a member of Kent Boat and Ski Club in Cuxton, Kent and regularly does water sportContinue reading “Man on a mission: Plans to sail around the world after building his own boat”

Celebrities silence body-shaming keyboard warriors

I want to talk about a topic which is extremely current, especially on online platforms like Instagram. Celebrities are countlessly shamed for their bodies, either when they post an image of them appearing toned and fit, or then a picture where they are caught in an unflattering angle. Society today is ruthless, and people cannotContinue reading “Celebrities silence body-shaming keyboard warriors”

The virtual world of running: How competitions have adapted for athletes

Fifty-four-year-old Barry Royden is a well-known face at races across Medway in Kent. A keen runner, who loves the “exciting” atmosphere of races, where the crowds and other athletes help to add to the competitive atmosphere. But, like thousands of other athletes across the country, the Covid pandemic stopped him in his tracks by cancellingContinue reading “The virtual world of running: How competitions have adapted for athletes”

Mental health ‘hub’ announcement offers support for struggling parents

The process to open new mental health “hubs” is due to start in the coming months. The clinics will be for new, expecting or bereaved mothers. It is only in recent years that the lack of support for mothers experiencing mental health problems has been recognised. Only five years ago there were no maternal mentalContinue reading “Mental health ‘hub’ announcement offers support for struggling parents”

Diagnosis or Misdiagnosis? That is the question

Being diagnosed with a mental health disorder can be a stressful process and one in four people in England are affected. Mason-Edward Stanford, 19, from Rainham, Kent says he is “feeling hopeful” after seeing a specialist who will hopefully provide him with an official medical diagnosis. You often hear about mental health conditions and howContinue reading “Diagnosis or Misdiagnosis? That is the question”

Cleaning through the spread of a virus

In April 2020 I worked in Medway Hospital, cleaning some of the hospital facilities during Covid-19 times. Looking back at this experience after a year I thought I would share with you what this was like, as the idea of entering into the hospital even now is quite daunting for some people. I’m going toContinue reading “Cleaning through the spread of a virus”

Artist Antzz kicks off 2021 with new single ‘Roll Up’ saying its ‘only the start’

A new upcoming artist/producer has been working hard during lockdown, to write new music and grow his platform. He is bringing out new music next Friday and wants to spread the word that 2021 is going to be a big year. Anthony Rogers, 18, who lives in Rochester, Kent, has been making music since 2016.Continue reading “Artist Antzz kicks off 2021 with new single ‘Roll Up’ saying its ‘only the start’”

Work anxiety? But not how you would imagine…

I think that when the typical person thinks about a university student you instantly think about heavy drinkers, smokers and people who love to party. Or there are those who cram for exams and pull all-nighters to finish assignments. The latter idea (leaving assignments until last minute) makes me instantly feel anxious. For some reasonContinue reading “Work anxiety? But not how you would imagine…”