When did #BeKind leave the public’s mind?

After experiencing a whole year without Love Island on their TV screens the public have finally been able to watch their favourite programme again on ITV2. There have been varied opinions about this years cast with some saying they are ‘boring’ and the series has lacked drama so far. However, the scrutiny that the Islanders face on the outside world has not relaxed.

ITV Love Island have released an official statement asking members of the public to stop attacking Chloe Burrows in particular, as her family and friends on the outside world have been receiving death threats and a lot of hateful messages.

‘We would once again urge all of our viewers to think before posting, and remember that our Islanders are people with feelings.’

ITV Love Island’s statement

Chloe’s family and friends also released a statement via Chloe’s Instagram page to ask the trolling to stop and reminded members of the public to #BeKind.

The #BeKind message started trending during the last season of Love Island when the late presenter Caroline Flack completed suicide in February 2020. Caroline Flack was constantly scrutinized by the media when she was arrested after an incident with her boyfriend at the time. The press immediately jumped on her and she was forced to resign from her post as the presenter of Love Island. Her position was taken over by Laura Whitmore, who currently presents the series and this was too much for Caroline and she took her own life.

Just two months before her death Caroline took to Instagram and wrote:

‘In a world where you can be anything, be kind.’

Caroline Flack

This message was spread across the nation and people were becoming more aware of their actions online and how they can affect others. However, we can see this message has not stuck with the current series of Love Islanders being trolled online and maybe people were just sharing this message at the time to be a part of the trend.

Caroline Flack

As humans we do not learn and we continuously repeat past mistakes. The Love Island Franchise has resulted in two other suicides in previous years. Sophie Gradon, who took part in season two of the show who completed suicide in 2018 and Mike Thalassitis from the third season who took his life in 2019.

When the cast members leave the villa they sometimes find it difficult to renter normal life as their worlds have been turned upside down by everyone suddenly knowing everything about them. A lot of them leave their jobs and become social media influencers and the online world quickly can consume their lives.

In a poll on social media over 95% of people have said that trolling will continue even after ITV have tried to address the issue, and this is a worrying thought.

For three years in a row we have seen suicides from people involved in the show and if society continues to harass and scrutinize in the way it currently does this trend will not stop and it will happen again.

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