Reflecting on my first year at university

Well what can I say about my first year of university. So much and so little has happened but it seems like such a whirlwind of a year that it is worth writing about. For those people who do not know I currently study at the University of Kent, Centre for Journalism. To get onContinue reading “Reflecting on my first year at university”

‘Joey Essex: Grief and Me’ – My thoughts

I recently watched Joey Essex’s new documentary ‘Grief and Me’ and I thought it was worth writing about because of the message that runs throughout the programme. For those people who do not know Joey Essex, he first entered the public eye in 2011 during the second season of The Only Way is Essex. ThisContinue reading “‘Joey Essex: Grief and Me’ – My thoughts”

When did #BeKind leave the public’s mind?

After experiencing a whole year without Love Island on their TV screens the public have finally been able to watch their favourite programme again on ITV2. There have been varied opinions about this years cast with some saying they are ‘boring’ and the series has lacked drama so far. However, the scrutiny that the IslandersContinue reading “When did #BeKind leave the public’s mind?”

Online interviews and graduate stress

For those students who are due to graduate from university they are no doubt nervous for the road ahead. After experiencing two years of learning from home they are expected to somehow go out into the world and look for graduate jobs. A lot of interviews are now conducted online also due to Covid-19 andContinue reading “Online interviews and graduate stress”