Looking back at my last show and looking forward to theatres opening once again

With life slowly returning to a sense of normality, following the easing of lockdown restrictions, I wanted to look back at my most recent time performing, as theatres prepare to open once again.

I have always loved to perform, whether that is in a show or even just simply some roleplay. From a young age I have regularly performed in local performances and now work part time at a children’s performing arts school, called Dream Academy.

Click on the image to be taken to the Dream Academy website.

In sixth form I took part in ‘Singin in the Rain Jr’ and it was the last show that I was in, due to Covid-19 putting a stop to any theatre related activities. Due to this it has made this performance even more special to me, as it is one of the most memorable sixth form experiences that I had before the national lockdown.

The story of ‘Singin in the Rain’ marks the introduction of silent films in history and follows the relationship between Kathy Seldon and Don Lockwood. The show is also family friendly due to its humour and delivers the idea that even a person from a smaller background can rise up and be the star of the show.

Auditions were held in October and I had to perform the chorus section from the song ‘Good Morning’, which is arguably the most iconic song of the whole performance. This was then followed by a monologue. The outcome of this audition was that I was going to play the role of Dora Bailey, who is a reporting journalist. At the time I did not know that I wanted to do a degree in Journalism, so it is ironic how this character gave me an insight into what that could be like. Perhaps unknowingly this played a huge part into making my decisions about university.

During the rehearsal period I worked on various skills in order to make my character more believable. These included accents, gestures and the pitch of my voice. When the show was drawing closer, I then had to consider other aspects like costumes and props. My costume was a huge red ballgown and my main prop was a 1920’s microphone.

The overall performance was extremely fun and was described by a leading member of staff as being of “outstanding quality”. This shows how the hard work that had been put in over a period of time had contributed to make a performance that was enjoyable and humorous to watch. It is strange looking back to this and thinking of it is one of my last bigger scale performances.

Click on the image to be taken to the newsletter which speaks about the ‘Singin’ in the Rain Jr’ performance.

I often go to the theatre to watch shows with my mum, with my last visit actually being in New York City in February 2020. We watched Chicago and it was absolutely brilliant! Sadly, we were due to watch “Waitress” in London, just as theatres closed in 2020. Unfortunately, this show has now closed but we can use the ticket value towards another show once theatres have opened. I am excited to go back and experience what it is like to watch a show once again.

It seems so crazy to me that this industry hasn’t really been spoken about and pushed aside by the Government. I have been following updates from the @londontheatre Instagram page and found a post a post titled “Everything you need to know about your next theatre trip” extremely helpful.

Hopefully the road map goes to plan, and theatres can open their stage doors and curtains once again.

Click on the post above to be taken to their page, or swipe to see their timeline of theatres opening.

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