Man on a mission: Plans to sail around the world after building his own boat

A local man from Chatham, Kent has built his own catamaran and plans to travel around the world in it.

Forty-nine-year-old Steven Bailey is a plumber but has always had an interest in boats and water sports. He is a member of Kent Boat and Ski Club in Cuxton, Kent and regularly does water sport activities along the River Medway.

He first decided he wanted to build his own catamaran and began the process in the autumn of 2016. Steven set to work using plans from “Richard Woods Designs” titled “Vardo”. The boat took a total of four years to be fully constructed and was the third built in the world using the “Vardo” design. The catamaran is over ten meters long, five meters wide and weighs around five metric tons.

To document his journey with building his boat Steven decided to set up a Facebook page where he could post videos and pictures of updates about the progression of his project.

The catamaran has been called Faith because “you have to have faith to sail a boat around the world that you built,” he said.

When asked why he decided to take the plunge and build his boat rather than save to buy one he said: “Boats especially catamarans are very expensive to buy and building one is four times cheaper. I’ve always enjoyed the water and had different boats for the last 18 years.”

The hardest part of the building process, according to Steven, was finding the motivation to work every single day. “Having perseverance as you are under a time crunch because of the weather building it outdoors,” he said.

So far, the boat has travelled 700 nautical miles with the furthest place travelled being to Ramsgate. This summer Steven plans to travel to Norway if Covid-19 restrictions relax. In the future he plans to sail his boat around the world to places like the Caribbean and America.

Click here to be taken to the facebook page.

Year one of building

Year two of building

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