Artist Antzz kicks off 2021 with new single ‘Roll Up’ saying its ‘only the start’

Artist Antzz kicks off 2021 with new single ‘Roll Up’ saying its ‘only the start’

A new upcoming artist/producer has been working hard during lockdown, to write new music and grow his platform. He is bringing out new music next Friday and wants to spread the word that 2021 is going to be a big year.

Anthony Rogers, 18, who lives in Rochester, Kent, has been making music since 2016. It all started with some school friends and using his laptop to establish his sound. This was what inspired him to start creating his own music and building an online presence with his music name “Antzz”.

Anthony Rogers, 18, from Rochester, Kent

He works individually, but started to work with some of his friends – creating collaborations under the group “AMI”, which stands for: Acknowledge My Integrity. “Little did I know that these people would later become the group of artists that I started making songs with…We all do our own thing separately, but it’s good because we have access to collaborations from each other frequently,” he said.

The majority of his music is under the Hip-Hop genre, but he also does R&B, Trap and Emo Rap. One of his most recent projects was called “Quarantine Dreaming”, which was made in the first UK lockdown and was a collaboration with Jesse Ayo. This difficult time period encouraged Antzz and Jesse to work harder and try to make a difference with their music. Their aim was to help those who were struggling with lockdown conditions. JayEm featured on this album and it was produced by CapsCtrl.

Click on the image to presave the link for “Roll Up”

Antzz feels very strongly about the industry and says that there is a lot to lose and gain with regards to working as a musical artist/producer. “It’s just like any profession/hobby – there’s a lot of pressure on this generation to become successful early in life, especially in a competitive industry. I used to worry about this, but now I just make music for myself and the people that do enjoy it, listen to it,” he said.

When asked who his musical inspirations are, Antzz listed the likes of Juice Wrld, Eminem and XXXTentacion, but says he focuses on his own thoughts and the music he is going to create. He said: “I feel like focusing on myself and making sure I’m the best I can be puts me in a better mindset. I feel like comparing yourself to others leads to unhappiness.”

On Friday 26th March 2021, at midnight, Antzz will be releasing his newest single “Roll Up”, which features Jesse Ayo. The lyrics of the song are a representation of their lives and emotions, as well as the ups and downs that go with that.

This single shows how life can get better. It is a direct contrast to “Quarantine Dreaming” and switches to a happier, more positive vibe. This is a representation of the artists’ mindset and shows how they really do put their all into their music.

This year is going to be a big one for this artist. “For 2021, Roll Up is only the start, I’ve been really grinding and focusing on bettering my sound to prove myself. I’ve been working on my own album and multiple other projects, so I’m unclear as to what direction I will take this year, but regardless, I have my best music to come. I’m excited to hopefully make and release a few music videos as well and really show off my talent.”

You can find all of his music on most streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. This year will no doubt be a game changer for this artist, and it is clear he is determined to succeed. Antzz said: “It’s now time to come with the vibe that everyone can enjoy,” and he wants to encourage as many people as possible to listen and share his music.

Exciting times are ahead for this artist – watch this space.

“Can’t kill my vibe, can’t blow my high”

Roll Up


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Roll Up Release

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