Sledging fun at closed Snow Sports Centre

Locals have entered Chatham Snow Sports Centre during the wintry weather, to sledge on the ski slope – despite it being closed due to the current lockdown.

The centre, in Kent, was forced to close again on January, due to the national lockdown and latest government restrictions.

However, the site’s closure has not discouraged people from going to the centre and using the ski slopes for their sledging activities. Chatham Ski Centre has the longest artificial slope in the South East, with a distance of 200 meters, which is why the location is attractive to sledgers. The site also includes a toboggan run and tubing slope.

One person, who wishes to remain anonymous due to the lockdown restrictions not permitting the activity, visited yesterday and described the day as “wicked”. When questioned about how they gained access into the premises they said: “You could just walk straight onto the ski slope, everyone was visiting so I thought I would too.”

In January, when the centre had to close suddenly a representative said: “It is with regret, but with understanding that we will again have to close from tomorrow, due to the latest Government restrictions.”

Chatham Snow Sports Centre is yet to comment about whether they will put a stop to the sledging activities or if they simply just see it as some harmless fun over the lockdown period.

Hopefully soon the centre will be able to open again for members of the public, after lockdown restrictions are eased.

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